Sunday, January 29, 2023

You can move the boy from the iggles, but you cant move the iggles out of the boy.

I recall a very sweet woman named Katherine who emigrated from Poland when she was 21.
I met her 60 years later, when she was 81 and I was her ride for Monday evening mass each week.

We formed a nice friendship as she would tell me all about her life both here in America but mostly stories of her life in Poland.

I would often kid with her about still speaking broken English, as I could not understand how her command of the language was still rudimentary while living in the new world for over a half a century.

I grew up in Philly, emigrating to my new country, Pennsyltucky, when I was 17.

Now being a citizen of this foreign land (some consider it a foreign planet) for over half a century I realize that I too have fallen short in my command of the English-Pennsyltucky language.

As a former Philly kid, I can stop eating the food favorites, cheesecakes, hoagies, Tastykakes and the like, but changing my language skills would certainly take years of hard work and effort for which I have no interest.

So for today, as the Eagles head toward an NFC playoff championship all I can shout in my bestest Philly voice is GO IGGLES!

Now I'll go get a drink of wooder and watch the game.

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