Sunday, February 12, 2023

Fly Iggles Fly

 Here it is Superbowl Sunday and all Pennsyltucky is covered in Iggles green awaiting the big event.

Iggles fans are constantly criticized for being somewhat too boisterous and aggressive, but they will say theirs is based on true life-long fandom for their team, a team not accustomed to receiving those big fat Jostens championship rings.

Bars and restaurants, makeshift tail-gaters in Walmart parking lots and homes already filling up with all day party-goers stuffing themselves with wings, hoagies, cheese-steaks and assorted artery clogging treats, downing it all in large kegs of lager (that's Yuengling to you out of townees) in a glutenous feast that dwarfs the average Italian Thanksgiving dinner excited to place their bets on the hometown favorite.

Here are some facts I found on line today:

  • Appearances in playoffs-29 times
  • won 16 division titles
  • appeared in 4 pre merger NFL Championship games winning 3 in 1948, 1949 and 1960.
  • appeared in 4 Super Bowls winning Super Bowl LII at the end of 2017.
It's time for another ring.  Fly Iggles Fly!



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