Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rugby-Really do we need another kid sport?

From June 7, 2013

I grew up playing 2 sports, soccer and baseball. I loved them both and if I could I would have wished to become a professional baseball outfielder.

I began playing on team sports at a very young age, and in all my years I have only been on two winning community championship teams and played in only one high school championship game.  We lost that one.

Unlike today’s victors, only winning teams would receive trophies. The losers would just have to suck-it-up and try harder next season. I do not know how our poor fragile egos survived.

Growing up soccer parents never showed for games or had interest in the sport. It was too new and unknown to this country.  

Occasionally some foreign-speaking parent would shout obscenities to a referee from the sidelines but most parents were interested in “normal-sports”, baseball, football, basketball etc. With their busy work schedules, and 5 o’clock cocktail hours, they were way too tired to learn the rules of a new game. Even our high school soccer championship game had only one spectator, a girlfriend of one of the team members. The other girlfriends were too busy with their 5 o’clock whatever's. 

If I were raising kids today I would feel the same way about Rugby.

Really, do we need another kids sport?

My son-in-law loves the game, is very knowledgeable and he both plays and coaches. Rugby is swiftly becoming the “new soccer”. To me it does look intriguing, interesting although a little strange but I can certainly understand his enthusiasm for the sport.  

It just may take too long for me to learn the rules so it will eventually interfere with my Internet browsing and cocktail hour.

If my child had a desire to join a Rugby team I would strongly encourage him/her to stay at home and play video games. We are being led to believe that our children need to leave the sofa and get some fresh air and exercise like we did in our day.

Can we really trust all those child obesity statistics bombarding us daily in the media? 

The added bonus of sofa-sports is that video game playing hones skills that may one day lead to a career as a drone pilot. My child could get a nice cushiony government position hunting down and “neutralizing” our citizenship.

In these times when we convinced all our children that they must have a college degree so they can incur mountains of debt, no prospects for a job in their field and can move back home for maybe forever, at least the skill sets they receive can have them set for life on the federal payroll.

Another benefit is that if the kiddies are home all the time, they can’t be bullied, and could learn to defeat their adversaries with drone missiles.

I would be doing my part in helping to save the planet by not using all that fuel driving to and from travel games.

So in effect we all win.

Now when do we get our trophies?


Just in case you have one of those strange little creatures at home that desire team sport participation, and wish to become a Rugby player, here is a short video on the rules of the game. More

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