Tuesday, February 7, 2023

I love the Flower Girl, today only please.

I always loved music and it flowed freely in my childhood home.

My parents were music lovers, Dad with his extensive 78 collection of the jitterbug and big band era, Mom always had music playing on the radio and heard throughout our home.

Not a TV blaring or channel after channel of talk.

My sisters and brothers and I had our 45 and 33 1/3 record collections (vinyl to you), 8 track and cassette tapes and CD's

Now I have Pandora where I can choose  from 1000's of channels with an endless variety of music, in all genres, from decades in time even though my preferred choice is from a narrow window.

My mom would always remind us that every generation had its music, dress and dance and she was absolutely correct.What was strange was that my parents could crossover into 50-60s rock classics easier than I can relax with the sounds of rap.


Some folks are hard of hearing, others have ringing in the ears and some have selective hearing, some even have hearing like a bat.

Me I have ear-worms, ear-worms that will never go away.

I have a constant top 40 radio station playing from the time I awaken until I sleep.

I try to explain to others my ear worm dilemma, and all they do is back away from me slowly like when I tell them all about my doctors visits, my exercise routine, or how to properly prepare and consume sardines.

I wouldn't mind it if it were not for the fact that only 1 song from the top 40 plays all day long, an ear-worm that can drive me crazy.

Its like I have a mini DJ embedded in my skull who took over the station as in days of old, and decided to hijack the control board and play Mac Arthur's Park 24 hrs a day until the police busted in and carted him off to the loony bin (oh sorry not woke enough, rather transported the gentle-person  to a friendly facility where professional people may be able to assist and treat or cure compassionately allowing great reverence and respect for the individuals unusual and erratic behavior.)

In other words, medicate the fruit loop at the nut house.

What really puzzles me is the variety of songs my ear-worms select, I know them all but would not call many of them my favorites and would probably have pushed another button on the car radio if the song was being played. 

But my ear-worm won't allow channel selection. 

I am destined to live with the song chosen for an entire day and hopefully when I awaken the next sunrise it wont play again, like in Groundhog Day when Sonny and Cher's "I've Got You Babe" played every morning when the alarm went off at 6 am.

They say that music soothes the savage beast, but who is "They"?

"They" was an obscure English poet and playwright, from 1697 and I will go no further as I am as bored of old English poets and playwrights as I am of William Shakespeare. 

Yes I've said it so there! 

I like most students in my day had to read Shakespeare in high school and I would generally fall asleep in English class during those days..

I knew I would be tested on the lessons, also that I'd just go buy the Cliff Notes even though the priest insisted it would do no good, that he was onto the great Cliff Note scam and assured all of us that the test would not include anything found in those yellow and black demons.

I purchased it anyway and landed a B+ and would still be able to sleep in class.

The only problem was upon awakening an ear worm would kick in and I was forced to listen to "I Love the Flower Girl" for the remainder of the day.

Well at least it wasn't "I've Got You Babe".

That will probably be my song for tomorrow.