Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jesus ain’t the reason for the season.

 I really do not spend much time devoted to television viewing.
No, I am not one of those snarky snobs who claim the "tube" damages your mind and you should spend more time doing jumping-jacks in the backyard eliminating your obesity. I could easily settle into a life of channel surfing and mindless Breyers' all natural vanilla ice cream eating.

I am called to duty, writing a blog awaiting a read by 24 Ukrainian's.

Because of this I miss out on so much.  I have to catch small glimpses of the nation's viewing habits as I stand in a supermarket line perusing over copies of this week's issue of the latest Kardashian/Brad-Angelina magazines.

This week, the 3 minutes of daily TV news I usually view had a story about a man who was asked his opinion about something, and some people did not like what they heard so fires were lit to begin the "heating of the tar". News organizations around the globe were alerted, a half-busload of sign toting activists rabble-rousers, and the nail-biting infamous politically correct crowd, were dispatched and strategically placed for maximum news coverage.

After all we all must agree, no one is able to have an opposing point of view especially when it runs counter clockwise to the collective.

I do not know anything about the show "Duck Dynasty". I have never watched the program but I see their image's everywhere.

ZZ Top in camouflage.

It appears that one of their members had been interviewed and gave his honest opinion. How dare he, had he not learned anything from poor Paula Dean?

Listen Duck Guy, we now dictate what you are permitted to think, do or say. Your opinion does not matter if it flies in the face of the Borg.

Play ball, or else!

Duck daddy needs a distraction. Can someone send in Miley Cyrus?

This week the headline blurb in the HuffPost, that great bastion of free thought, mentioned the Pew group surveyed Americans and almost half now say that Christmas is not a religious holiday. Jesus is out, or almost out, soon to be replaced by a new normal to be announced.

Merry Borg Day to you!


P.S. Remember to keep Christ in Christmas…at least for now.