Sunday, May 4, 2014

You can go home again.

The Australian journalist Ella Winter once said to Thomas Wolfe “Don’t you know you can’t go home again”. Of course he used that title and the quote is often mistakenly attributed to him.

Obviously today’s Baby-Boomers (along with their Gen-x’ers, Millenniums, Gen y’s and maybe z’s etc) have not paid attention and are beginning to intrude on the living quarters of both the Greatest & Silent Generations as today’s economy, unemployment and daily hardships force the sharing of home, hearth and video games again.

Multi-generational boomer-angers and all those prune juicers together under one roof should prove challenging.

I have heard that there are as much as 90 + million Americans either unemployed or underemployed, and the hope and change promised just a few short years’ ago never actually materialized, with facts and figures shrouded in nothing more than the slick tongues of snake oil salesman.

There is an uneasiness that seems to permeate the spirits of today’s citizens, who for decades believed in the American dream. 

This dream should never waiver; we have sailed through these rough waters before, and can do so once again, when we realize that we truly are the greatest nation on earth.

Immigrants continue to climb walls and dodge bullets to get here, much like many of our ancestors.

And don't forget the men and women who continue to fight for this dream on battlefields.

Yes, in many ways we can go home again.

The answers are out there, and we have 300 million voices that can contribute to the solution.

And a little prayer wouldn’t hurt.