Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Contrarian Falls Head-First into Social Media

I was never much on following the herd, not because I found others disdainful, I just had a curiosity to see if there was anything else of interest that was being overlooked by the masses.

This contrarian view could lead to indecision and immobility, but I have never feared new thought, rather I embraced changes, innovations, improvements and technologies but always with a firm belief that mankind was inherently flawed but with constant tweaking goals could be achieved.

I don't view Contrarian Thought a disorder, rather I consider it a vehicle that enables us to maneuver through life a little quicker than those whose impetuousness and lack of forethought cause unnecessary hurdles.

What's the rush? We'll get there and hopefully without all of any undue stress and hurdle jumping.

I sometimes look in frustration at the jackrabbits whose well-intentioned enthusiasm prove the age-old adage that "there is never enough time to do it right, but always enough time to do it over".

My ideal contrarian would be the tortoise who finishes while enjoying the surroundings along the race path. 

Eventually every artist must put down the brush and declare their masterpiece "finished".  There is the danger that the contrarian artist could continue on the touch up, even after the painting is sold and they feel it necessary to show up at the owners' residence, oils in hand, requesting permission to do "just one more thing".

How does a Contrarian find a fit in Social Media?  Speaking for myself I can only say its like jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge and praying the bungee cord holds. No time for forethought, you're pushed into the pool and it becomes "swim kid or sink".

I envisioned the pace of SM (social media for brevity, thank you) to be similar to feeding a three-year-old a breakfast of Captain Crunch, Hershey bars, Marshmallows and hot dogs then taking him to an amusement park and having him ride a Tilt-A-Whirl placed on top of a 10 story Roller-Coaster.

I don't believe this is too far from the truth.

Nerve-wracking, frightening, nauseating but also curious, exciting and, yes fun!

As I venture in to this foreign soil I will certainly log my discoveries, of course with my own somewhat acerbic viewpoint.

Hopefully the bungee is secured.