Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lotto Fever

Another giant Powerball lottery and everyone in the office pool missed again.

I was trying to calculate just how much I would net had us corporate minions hit the big time
After all State and Federal taxes, and taking a cash buy-out on a $400 Million plus we would net around $100 Million.

Split evenly I would net somewhere around 30 dollars (we have a REALLY large pool).

For added insurance, and out of personal greed, I decided to purchase my own ticket.

You can’t win if you don’t play…and can’t if you do!

Just think, $100 Million Dollars!  What would I do?

First, I have a big family and they would surely be given something. 

I expect the kinfolk would swell to epic proportions before all the checks were finally issued.

I am certain that I do not have a cousin Pedro from my Aunt Patricia’s bloodline. I’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time chasing “newly-discovered relatives” away with a large stick.

I will probably have to disconnect the phone to avoid every scammer with my phone number, and I expect all those “Nigerian lawyers” in my email SPAM will personally arrive at my back door to tell me how they will make me even richer.

Of course there is my 5 Grandgirls future to consider.

After all is totaled I expect to clear about 30 dollars.

Well, back to work.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I am amazed to see bright young entrepreneurs invent and bring to market products and services that catch on so quickly they become billionaires before they can grow their first full beard.

I would love to create a unique app, game or social media site that would propel me into putting a down payment on a small Caribbean island.

Growing up I was the local lemonade stand, paperboy, snow shoveler, recycler anything to make a few bucks. I am excited to see this kind of enthusiasm in others, especially when I now witness this in my firstborn grandgirl.

Last week Number One informed me that she was going to “sell things” in order to raise money to buy items for her rapidly growing doll collection.  Her parents constantly turn-over their entire household contents via Craigslist so I thought she was considering selling some of her toys or games on-line, but she had a different idea.  She would go door-to-door and take orders for a much needed staple.

The conversation in paraphrase:
Number One- “Poppy, would you like to help me raise money, I am selling things and taking orders”?
Me-“Really what are you selling”?
Number One-“Toilet paper”.
Me-(with a very hard-to-maintain straight face)-“Toilet paper, really how much”?
Number One-“Only $3.99 a roll or 2 for $6.00”

Her father tried to convince her that the only person who would pay that much for toilet paper would have to have an immediate and very desperate need.  He was also concerned that she, too, would follow in their footsteps and empty out the household supply leaving them with a future, unwanted and desperate surprise.

Number one can often be somewhat hard to convince so she may or may not seek another avenue.  She may re-tweak and repackage her original plan.

Check out Craigslist for “expensive-designer” toilet paper.  If you see it help out a little future Zuckerberg and buy a few rolls.

Maybe one day she’ll build a hut for her Poppy on her small Caribbean island.