Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Date in History

My boss, Joseph A. Carter and I usually have an open season on any topic of discussion.  We know each other well, have worked together for many years and are as polar opposed on as many subjects as were are in agreement on others.

Regardless he refers to me as the poster-boy of contrarianism, and he is wrong of course.

Actually his observation is somewhat true, I rarely follow the herd, nor do I care if daggers are hurled in my direction because of my oppositions. 

I am content.

So today is the golden anniversary of the Beatles invasion into the US, and reliving the anticipation as we all gathered around the old Philco black and white awaiting their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.   
I had a recent discussion over our mutual affection for the boys from Liverpool when something in the timeline hit home.  Joe mentioned that he was a great fan of the Fab Four from day one, I, on the other hand, had a liking but did not really become a fan for another year.

You guessed it, I was a kid contrarian!

My conversion to mega fan did not take too long, especially since girls my age were already smitten and the pangs of puberty dictated a lessening of contrary opinion if I were to make any inroads into the estrogen jungle.

Contrarians can also be pragmatic if the dangling carrot is the correct one.

The discography of the Beatles is a most impressive body of work, with songs covered by so many artists.   
Awards and kudos abound and deserving so.

I think I know every song they ever recorded, and they play periodically in my mind.

I have even caught myself singing some of their “songs-we-need-to-forget”, too few to mention. They may not have batted 1000 but they at least hovered in the 900's.  
Even the greatest among us can have their less than stellar moments giving all of us mortals hope.

Many thanks to the Beatles for 50 years of great music and memories.

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