Saturday, February 20, 2021


Hindsight is 2020…I hope

As the “golden years” move along, nostalgia becomes both a blessing and curse as sometimes I think of a regret I have and cringe silently as Mrs. jaygerartoday notices a sudden face contortion and asks if paramedics are needed.

This has been happening more and more and those sudden pops of enlightenment enter my consciousness, especially when I am trying to ease into nap time on my lay-z-boy.

I can never understand those who claim they have little or no regrets, some of them I know well enough to wonder to myself “This person surely does not see what the rest of the world sees”.

Their life book should have pages and pages of mea-culpa, but their bubble-life will not permit a single ounce of honest self-awareness.

This is especially true in the political arena where everyone is right, the other side is wrong, no need to try and discuss the matter, shouting, accusations and finger-pointing will do just fine. 

Kindness and understanding is not a true reflection of their lifestyle, regardless of what their yard sign or bumper sticker professes.

Absolute power is alluring, and does corrupt absolutely. When you don’t possess it, you’ll move every mountain to gain it.

For me, it’s time to grab the remote, turn off the news channels, take the daily paper to my neighbor to use in his fire pit, deactivate the social media networks and reacquaint myself with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

It is the Lenten season, and time to ponder some truths about myself, and make amends.


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