Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two wheels are better than none.

My life began at 10 when I got my first 2-wheel bicycle.  Certainly my driver’s license afforded unlimited boundaries within the boarders of two oceans, but a bicycle gave me quick access to surrounding neighborhoods to observe life beyond 8-10 city blocks.

I took advantage of this freedom, especially during the summer months when I would find myself wandering into sections of the city containing parks with TREES!

I understand my excitement at the word “trees” may appear to be a bit unusual but my street had no trees, zero, nada, none.  The city gets very hot in July and August.

I would glance out my bedroom window and watch squirrels scurry up and down the telephone poles, jumping on the roofs.

They too were probably in search of trees.

These explorations were some of the best times spent, getting in touch with nature, meeting new people, fresh air, exercise, finding new and unusual pets to drag home. The adventures were cut short, a few summers later, by two words: “bicycle lock”.

A hard pill to swallow, reality setting in, but there was really a sense of shock with the discovery that my bike had been stolen, and yes I did not lock it.

As important as losing my main mode of transportation was to me, there are many parts of the world where ownership of a bicycle can mean the survival of an individual, a family, even a village.

Here is an amazing story of Izhar Gafni, an inventor, engineer, dreamer who just may have found a solution to help the planet and it's inhabitants live a better and longer life.

Great story.  Watch both videos.

Video #1

Video #2

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