Saturday, June 22, 2013

The worst Christmas ever!

From December 2, 2012

I recall as a young preteen riding with my father to his workplace to pick up a care package for our family. He was a union member at that time, they were out on strike and it was the Christmas season.

Somehow it was arranged that the union members could pick up a box of groceries as the strike had been on-going for quite some time and the troops were getting a little anxious having no real income for awhile.

I recall the groceries consisted of some strange "army rations", peanut butter and beef stew that smelled so terrible even the dog would not touch it. We would have preferred to eat the family pet rather than the contents of the package. I guess we somehow survived that crisis (although I am not certain what REALLY happened to the dog).

As tough as that Christmas was for us, the only year that I remember we would, in unison, consider the worst Christmas on record is when Dad decided that it was a good idea to eliminate the traditional Douglass Fir and bring home a hip, modern aluminum tree complete with color wheel.

We could have handled the demise of Old St. Nick himself or coal in all of our stockings rather than have to look at that hideous eyesore.

Who would have thunk that today you could fetch a small kingdom in exchange for a pristine original.

What I find strange is that my in-laws recently purchased a modern table-top tree complete with fiber optics that changes the tree's colors in a similar fashion our old aluminum tree did many years' ago.

Even stranger is that I find I am attracted to their tree, so much I am considering a purchase. I may buy 2 and keep one in pristine condition to sell many years from now.

The investment may be better than my 401K.

Anyway, here is a story about the aluminum trees.

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