Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fighting the Fat

From May 8, 2013

Like most people today, I too struggle with repeated attempts to lose weight and maintain good health.
Conquering weight issues has been like a real-life video game for me, as I zoom in on my target it usually eludes me then I refocus and a
cquire the additional arsenal of the latest fad diet weaponry to combat my taunting foe.

Yes I have learned the lessons of yo-yo dieting the hard way, evidenced daily in my bathroom mirror.

Like many others I can rattle off a long laundry list of past efforts, including the “just eat everything in moderation, and exercise” mantra usually echoed by some perpetually skinny smug little twerp with the metabolism of a blast furnace.

The other grand plan usually promoted is the “listen to your doctor” approach. My lord, most of the fad plans I ever followed were written and/or endorsed by the medical gods of our age. My own physician actually acknowledged his ignorance in these matters (for which I forever admire and respect him). I should be a little more tolerant and understanding with the medical profession as the term “Practicing” is in their title. They too need to continue on until they can get it right, acknowledging their ignorance.

My very first attempt at weight loss was when I gained my “sophomore 10” and was gasping at the gain. I was about 20 years’ old went to my doctor, at the time, and he put me on an amphetamine program. I lost weight with an additional bonus; I could now work 4 jobs while attending college full time.

After that fiasco I went to another doctor who gave me a tired copy of a 40-year-old mimeographed sheet that consisted of a weight loss program of 500- 800 calories/day.

My next venture was the late Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman who was making the talk show circuit promoting his “Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet”. Hey if he was on Mike and Merv and Johnny he had to be good. The program consisted of lots of hard-boiled eggs and cottage cheese. Yes I lost the ten but at what cost? Back again plus more.

The list goes on and on,

Physician heal thyself!

Am I painting all doctors with a broad brush? No, I use a paint gun as I get better coverage!

I currently do record my food intake, try a light exercise program, and avoid purchasing gallons of Breyer’s All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream (at least daily) and yet I am still not convinced that I have found the secret, that one piece of the puzzle that eludes me in defeating this real life Whack-A-Mole game I am forever chasing.

I am about to embark on another adventure, not changing my current strategy, but incorporating another tweak in the program that hopefully will ramp up the process.

Yes, I can see and actually hear eyes rolling out there. I will not divulge additional details but I will let you know if I am successful, only then I will share with you.

Yes, developed by another physician.

I am forever hopeful, after all my blood type is B positive

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