Saturday, June 22, 2013

NewYears Party Hounds

From January 1, 2013


Did you stay awake for the big moment?
I didn't, I was sleeping during all the neighborhood ruckus.
I was not always a kill-joy.
I recall many a New Years Eve party attended, usually with disastrous results so I eventually weaned myself from the festivities.

My parents were notorious New Year's Eve party hounds. I can recall one year, at least a foot of snow outside, watching my father head out the door wearing nothing but a large diaper, a new year baby sash, a pair of boots while chomping on a large cigar. (Those were the days that babies were permitted tobacco products, Mr. Potato Head smoked a pipe and the "Smoke-Police" were still far from our shores.)

I did spend quite a few New Years' party nights at my grandmother's house.
All my brothers and sisters were with me, left to spend the night while the diaper baby and his wife went twisting the night away. I also remember my cousins occasionally joining us giving my grandmother at least 15 darlings in her care.

Our grandmother was fantastic and encouraged us to stay awake so we could all stand on her porch at midnight, screaming, yelling and banging pots-and-pans at the big moment. It was years later that I finally realized why her cookware never actually stood level on her stove.

Anyway, the Big Ball in Times Square is so boring. New York ain't got nothing on these folks and their celebrations.

Other towns like dropping things. Maybe yours can start another tradition and give those fancy-pants city folk nothing to crow about.

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